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If we said Absolut Vodka was one of the most recognizable brands on the market, we wouldn't be telling you something you didn't already know. In fact, there are probably very few people in the drinking world who haven't tasted the premium spirit.

So, we're not going to tell you about the vodka. (But if you haven't by chance tried Absolut, it will be available for tasting at Vodka Vodka on Saturday, Jan. 23 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre.) Instead, we'll tell you about the brand's contributions to the arts, namely the art of fashion.

Absolut has long been a fan of the arts. Each year they give out an art award to an artist and a writer, which comes part and parcel with a cash stipend and a budget to create a new work, be it an exhibit or a an entirely new publication. If doling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to help struggling artists doesn't convince you of their commitment to help creatives bring their visions to life, we don't know what would.

They're also supporting a special hair and fashion show that's taking place as part of Vodka Vodka (that aforementioned tasting event where you'll be able to sample some Absolut). With the help of the brand, local intimate apparel store Lover's Lane and Fratelli Leather will send models strutting down the runway with their hair done by artists from Bianchi's, Alex Emilio, and London Calling.