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Easy rider



News Hits has to hand it to Fox 2 reporter Scott Lewis. He reported last week that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been touring the hood on his Harley-Davidson without a license. According to Lewis’ story, Kilpatrick had a 30-day permit to drive his motorcycle, but the permit expired last year.

Kilpatrick’s press secretary Jamaine Dickens called Lewis’ report inaccurate. He said the mayor had a six-month permit, which meant he could ride his motorcycle as long as he was escorted by other bikers, which he was. But did Kilpatrick ride his Harley with an expired permit? “There was no circumstance when he wasn’t in compliance,” said Dickens, adding that Kilpatrick got his motorcycle license last week and can now ride without an escort. Kelly Chesney, Secretary of State spokesperson, confirmed for News Hits that the mayor got his license last week; Chesney also said that he had a 180-day permit that expired in December 2002.

Lewis also reported that three new motorcycles locked up in a garage on Belle Isle had been reserved for the Kwamster’s bodyguards. Lewis said that he learned about the bikes from tipsters who were frustrated that the motorcycles were not available for general police use. Kilpatrick’s bodyguards use the bikes to escort their boss, reported Lewis. Dickens said that that the bikes are used for training twice a year. He also said that when they are not used for training Kilpatrick’s bodyguards ride them. But according to a Friday Detroit Free Press report, Police Chief Jerry Oliver didn’t know about the bikes and ordered that they be reassigned for general use.

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