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Faded queen


The Abandoned Structure Squad (ASS) has struck again. This time, we’ve invaded Corktown, where abandoned houses are few and far between among the well-preserved abodes of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Detroit. But, after just a little searching, we came across 2036 11th Street.

Built in 1901, the Queen Anne Victorian sits near Michigan Avenue, with a great view of Tiger Stadium from the back yard. Turrets and bay windows characterize the house, but all windows on this old beauty have been boarded over. The front porch that once adorned the home is gone, replaced by a garden of weeds taking over the grounds, growing up and around the large, dead tree trunk lying across the front yard.

Assessed at a mere $6,850 in 2002, this house would be a great investment to anyone wanting to help preserve this historic neighborhood. Unfortunately, ASS can offer little assistance to would-be renovators, because we were unable to track down the owner.

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