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Feeling super!

What goes down in the Batcave? Now we can speak its name.


As the official unveiling of DC Comics' original Green Lantern (aka Alan Scott) as a gay superhero earlier this month demonstrates, there's no longer any reason to speculate on what really goes on in the Batcave between Batman and Robin, or the sexual preference of Wonder Woman. These days, if a superhero is gay, there's a good chance comic book makers aren't going to keep them in the closet for long. In fact, long before Green Lantern revealed his true sexuality, a handful of superheroes had already let their pride flags fly high. Here's a look at a few of them from Marvel and DC Comics. 

Obsidian (DC Comics) Alan Scott's son and founding member of the superhero team Infinity Inc.

Superpowers: Flight, merge into his shadow, cast darkness.

Coming out year: 2006

Gayest moment: Swaps spit with Damon Matthews in the comic book Manhunter  (No.18), which itself sounds like a gay porn sequel.

"Although [Obsidian] dated women, it was always a mess." —Geoff Johns, DC Comics writer



Northstar (Marvel Comics) A professional skier who becomes a mutant and joins the X-Men.

Superpowers: Flight, superhuman speed, light manipulation.

Coming out year: 1992

Gayest moment: Married his partner Kyle on June 27 in Astonishing X-Men (No. 51).

"Marvel has a long and proud tradition of reflecting the world in all its diversity." —Axel Alonso, editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics



Batwoman (DC Comics) Initially created as a love interest for Batman, she's gone through major changes over the years.

Superpowers: None, but she knows martial arts.

Coming out year: 2006

Gayest moment: Gets intimate wearing a corset and panties with Det. Renee Montoya in Detective Comics (No. 859).

"We have been waiting to unlock her." —Greg Rucka, DC Comics writer



Starman (DC Comics) A blue-skinned alien who travels to Earth to destroy it, but ends up defending it.

Superpowers: Flight and energy protection

Coming out year: 1998

Gayest moment: Shares a kiss and discusses love at first sight with his partner Tony in Starman (No. 45).

"There's diversity in life, and there's diversity in the types of heroes we have." — James Robinson, DC Comics writer



Shatterstar (Marvel Comics) Genetically engineered humanoid from the planet Mojoworld.

Superpowers: Super sense, accelerated healing.

Coming out year: 2009

Gayest moment: Kisses fellow mutant teammate Rictor in X-Factor (No. 45).

"Shatterstar is not gay. Sorry. Can't wait to someday undo this." —Rob Liefeld, original creator of Shatterstar in 1991



A few other gay superheroes: 

Karolina Dean (Marvel), Daken (Marvel, left), 

Wiccan (Marvel), Hulkling (Marvel), 

Anole (Marvel), Rawhide Kid (Atlas/Marvel), 

Bunker (DC Comics), Midnighter (WildStorm), 

Apollo (WildStorm).