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Flipping through records at Ann Arbor's Underground Sounds



For years, Underground Sounds owner Matt Bradish has been fulfilling music lovers across metro Detroit with whatever their needs may be. Situated along a busy stretch of Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor, Underground Sounds features a vast selection of garage, classic rock 'n' roll, punk, indie rock, hardcore, and more. Unlike the majority of stores in the area, Bradish makes flipping through records an easy exercise with a well-catalogued and distinguished selection. With as helpful of a staff as they come, Bradish always makes an effort to locate what you want, even if it requires a special order. There are plenty of unique box sets, quirky items, and an equally large CD collection. But, just know, when you go to checkout, if Underground Sounds has that CD in your hand on vinyl, Bradish will likely let you know. And rightly so.