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From Tina Fey to Tolstoy



So what. Old what's-his-name still heads the free world. The economy's still in the sewer. And we live in the empty, war-ghetto age of the narcissist. But should you be stuck for ideas on how to smartly part with your cash in this season of conscripted consumption, we've got a ton of 'em — mostly for the eyes, ears and brain — running the low-brow to high-brow gamut. Dig it: There's wack comic collections and rock groupie ho, ho, ho's.  There's Dean Martin and Tolstoy. Lee Hazlewood and the Ramones. Tina Fey, Dave Chappelle, Laura Palmer and so many Vee Jay songs. And there's old Miles standing on the corner. There are nods to Ingmar Bergman stunners and critiques on capitalism. There's the photographic, the cartographic and a "museum in a box." And fa la la la la.

We've assembled a pop-culture wasteland as well as a thinking-person's gift-giving check list. Now give it up! (But remember to consume responsibly.) —Brian Smith

Criticizing capitalism
by W. Kim Heron and David Wildman
'Tis the season, after all.

From the cradle
by Heather A. McMacken
First books of poetry to savor.

Ho, ho, ho's
by Bill Holdship
Plus, insanity and other rock history flotsam.

Holiday gift guide - Books
by Metro Times staff Eyeball-popping tomes and comic book thunder!

Holiday gift guide - DVDs and Games
by Metro Times staff
DVDs and Games that transcend stocking-stuffer status.

Holiday gift guide - Music
by Metro Times staff
Cult heroes, back-alley tunesmiths and forgotten soldiers of song.