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Gets hard for language


The Gods of Poetry

Superior Spirit,
Elevated tone's a must. It fits!

   Oh, how I long to write Oh,

And NOT illicit eye-rolls.

How I'd relish a T.S. sassy-horse,
A deliciously lofty Wasteland.


The Occasional

Some remnants remain.
   This afternoon, a blue
shirt and black-striped tie
wear a young,
well-scrubbed Italian.
His lunch partner looks annoyed.

Seven months ago,
   that same seat was mine.
Christ! — how
many meals, how many
alternating rants and
silences? Interruptions?

   One particular evening,
that table at El Charro.
Sick in my own skin.
(Sick like my mother's been
    these thirty-three years.)

Dipping chips in salsa
With invisible hands.


List to Amuse the Poets

1. Poets are suspicious of marriage.

2. Poets are control freaks.

3. With #2 comes tight, beautiful poems — as well as side effects.

4. If you are a poet, you'll know what those are.

5. The poet's goal is the mythologization of their own life.

6. The poet mistrusts other myths: Christ, Zeus, etc.

7. Poets love coffee.

8. Poets admit to loving Starbucks.

9. The poet gets hard for language.

10. The poet must accept one fact.

11. The only people who'll read his/her poems will most likely be other poets.

12. If a poet is lucky enough to find a poet of the preferred sex, the poet should consider this possibility at length.

13. The poet does not mind being snowed-in in February.

14. The poet has the most patience of the 20 who stand in a grocery line.

15. The poet eats the same foods as the non-poet — wipes their ass the same way, too.

16. If one wants to be exceedingly philosophical, one could argue against the existence of the non-poet.

Enjoy this and other poetry from Heather A. McMacken (disclosure: McMacken is a contributor to the Metro Times) at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 10, at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, 106 S. Main, Royal Oak; 248-586-9602.

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