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Glug glug



I get what Pepsi’s trying to do with its newest beverage, Pepsi Twist, which was introduced Memorial Day. It’s for those outdoor-café adults, the dashing and coiffed men and women who drink their fountain colas with a lemon wedge (complementing their seafood or Caesar salad). The first taste of the lemon cola sips like Sprite, but it’s extremely unlike the Pepsi with lemon at restaurants; real citric acid actually kicks the syrupy-Nutrasweet aftertaste in regular and Diet Pepsi. The only good thing about this new product is that there are no seeds floating in the 20-ounce bottle. So what’s the point? Novelty. Making a buck. They must know we’ll even pay for water. Pepsi Twist can be found at drug stores, gas stations and grocery stores — hopefully never to be included as a Big Gulp option.

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