Guided By Voices

When: Sat., Nov. 30, 8 p.m. 2019

It’s been a wild ride for the on-again/off-again unofficial godfathers of lo-fi, Guided By Voices, the indie rock band which formed in Ohio in 1983. Known for having an, uh, impressive revolving door of membership, which is eclipsed only by the band’s prolific output as illustrated by three full-length records released just this year, Guided By Voices returns to their brand of combative minimalism on Sweating the Plague, the most recent of the three releases and the band’s 29th to date. Led by Robert Pollard, who has released, like, 100 albums since GBV’s formation, Sweating the Plague is the band at its most cohesive, which is a feat considering they split in 2004, reunited in 2010, split again, and are now with a lineup of longstanding players, which makes us a gaggle of very “Glad Girls.”

Price: $25