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Hole of a place


Here’s one home that won’t be part of Tour de abandonment. The house that once existed at 15717 Patton is now history thanks to the Motor City Blight Busters. Members of the nonprofit organization headed by Detroiter John George regularly hit the streets with pickaxes in hand, ready to, as he says, “stabilize, revitalize, rebuild and beautify.” The Patton Street property is a prime example. A former crack house, it is now a hole in the ground thanks to George and his crew. The property was handed over to the group by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office after it was seized and then torched. From those ashes will rise greenery. That transformation will occur once the snow melts as the property will be transformed into a green space through the Blight Busters’ Summer in the City program.

Blight Busters is always looking for volunteers and donations to help expand its effort. To get involved, call 313-255-4355 or visit

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