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Holiday holdout


Most of the time, holidays present all sorts of good stuff to review. However, this Halloween I will refrain from championing any costumes of the moment (Regis Philbin? Al Gore? Britney Spears? Ugh). Instead, I want to say that just because a person doesn’t “celebrate” Halloween, it doesn’t make him/her a bad person. Despite all the enticements in these pages for scary, terrifying, and/or frightful Halloween parties, it is hard to deny that this holiday has become as played out and overcommercialized as Christmas. If you do feel the need to dress up, be sure to take my friend Scott’s advice and “don’t wear anything that you can wear the other 364 days of the year.”

Even if it is the last minute, don’t put on a Red Wings jersey and call yourself a hockey player. But if you don’t want to be harassed for lack of holiday glee, just tell people you are dressing up as a typical American, sitting on a couch watching TV on Oct. 31, so it will be important to stay home in order to make the costume authentic.

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