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Horoscopes (May 16-22)



ARIES: March 21 – April 20

You need to look at what's going on from the standpoint of what "real" change is all about. There's a big difference between transforming things from within, and just "moving the furniture around." Some of you are 100 percent there with the process of waking up, and others have tricked yourselves into thinking that it's OK to put makeup on the old baggage and pass yourself off as reborn. In the former case I am sure you are feeling humbled by what it has taken to get over yourself. In the latter case? You will keep coming up against the same old thing until you face the music.

TAURUS: April 21 – May 20

Don't assume that because everything is up in the air that things are out of control. Intensity is no sign that "life is hard." If you've been programmed to think that everything is a sunny day, you have yet to wake up to the fact that the dark and the light are waltzing together, on opposite sides of the same pole. Whether you know it or not, your heart and soul are in the midst of a huge overhaul. With so much on the line, it would help you to be willing to go beyond the regular approach and find the solutions that you seek in people and things that are new and different.

GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

It's not your imagination. Things are as intense as they can get. At this point it is a blessing that you have an easier time than the rest of us when it comes to not letting things get to you. With a whole raft of new options arrayed in front of you, for the next few weeks everything will be about making choices that don't interfere with your personal growth. If that concept seems like a no-brainer, the impact of other people's needs, along with your own illusions about yourself and who you think you are, need to be weighed next to what's true in every decision that you make.

CANCER: June 21 – July 20

Other people and their stuff can get to be too much. Sometimes you make too much room for things that give new meaning to the idea that "love means putting up with anything." There's a fine line between that and being a little too flexible. Yes, it's good to maintain a spiritual stance when you're trying to maintain a relationship, but consider the fact that everything goes two ways. This situation is still manageable, but be mindful of what happens when all of the adapting is coming from you, and ask yourself why it's so OK with you to be on the short end of that stick.

LEO: July 21 – Aug. 20

This feels a whole lot better than what was going on a few months ago. Something about getting off your butt and moving on has opened the floodgates and you are alive again. With all this radiance pouring out of your heart you are bound to attract people and things that reinvigorate your desire to make a difference. Who and what shows up to save the day will be different for each of you. As much as you're excited about all of this, if you've learned anything from this last round of blues, knowing enough to wait before you give yourself up to anything would be a wise idea.

VIRGO: Aug. 21 – Sept. 20

Things are hitting you from all directions. If it isn't one thing it's another. Every time you turn around something needs to be decided upon, to the point where you and your life are playing Quantum Aikido. All of these issues demand the kind of faith that doesn't grow on trees. Those closest to you will test it to the max. The strength to believe in yourself under undue pressure to follow the party line can sometimes be hard to come by. The deeper part of you is ringing clear as a bell. Stay tuned to that chord as you continue to prove that there is another way to do things.

LIBRA: Sept. 21 – Oct. 20

On the surface you keep pretending to be totally clueless about things that you have already made a clear decision about. Deep down inside you know exactly how you want this to go. Your higher self is right there with you, 100 percent behind whatever it will take to get the next phase of your life off the ground. With everything on the line, it will be at least six months before you see your way clear to finalize things and make a stand. You will be blown away by what's next. Between now and then get your ducks in a row and remain steadfast enough to keep the faith.

SCORPIO: Oct. 21 – Nov. 20

Well, maybe it's time to get rolling. Who knows? Some of you are OK with the way things are but there are others who could really use a change of scenery or a full-on shift that changes things for good. Whatever the story is, the energy that's around you right now would best be used to spread your wings on some level. If there are others who are keeping you down, or obligations that keep you believing that the treadmill is your only option, keep in mind that time is of the essence, and that the brass ring is right here, right now, just waiting for you to grab it.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 21 – Dec. 20

Sitting here in limbo, you are strung out between the past and things that have yet to come into play. Unfinished business is always an issue when the ego thinks it's ready for whatever's next. This waiting game may be frustrating, but it has a place in the scheme of things. Within six months or so you could be totally off the hook. Between now and then, calm down and stop thinking you can push the river, or accelerate your development with an affirmation or two. This dimension is subject to the law of time. Part of getting things to happen requires us to move with the tide.

CAPRICORN: Dec. 21 - Jan. 20

You know it all. Whatever the story is, you have it all figured out. The problem is, this isn't always the case. And what happens when you bump up against any form of contradiction forces you to back up and reconsider everything about yourself. At the moment there is more going on than meets the eye. Between your blind spots and your sureness about everything you could be missing the boat. The last thing you want is to be on the wrong page. It might be good to ease off and lighten up just enough to include the idea that something else needs to happen.

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21 – Feb. 20

Pumped up from recent excursions out of the box, you are ready for pretty much anything. This is a good thing because the next few weeks will be moving at the speed of light, and it's no time to be feeling weak, and/or uninspired. How the next few months unfold depends on how much time you want to spend with your nose to the grindstone. I suspect that some of you see the virtue in continuing to pursue your ambitions. If that is the case, go for it, but keep in mind that life is a yin or yang thing, and sometimes the wheels of progress are best greased with total relaxation.

PISCES: Feb. 21 – March 20

Things appear to have settled down somewhat. You can take comfort in the fact that the other shoe isn't about to drop. Those closest to your heart have been on the rails with themselves, with their health, or with issues that wound up complicating everything that your connection is made of. If things have smoothed out, it could be because they pulled themselves out of their rut and are fine for now. With this peace and calm, at last you have the freedom to get back to yourself and take refuge in a place of strength, where the essence of who you are replenishes itself.

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