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Hot Shotz: Melody Baetens Malosh throws one hell of a Paczki Day party



Much like most movers and shakers in Detroit, Malosh has her name attached to more than one different endeavor around town. She's a writer for the Detroit News, where she tackles important issues like the local music and bar scenes, and she's a co-owner of one of Hamtramck's most beloved bars and music venues — Small's. With her husband Dave and partners Mike and Natalie Mouyianis, she mans the bar, books bands, and throws one hell of a Paczki Day party every year.

While Small's is known for hosting shows by local rockers, their entertainment lineup is diverse. This week they'll have a comedy show, a dance party, a rock concert, and a cabaret show. Come Fat Tuesday, Feb. 17, they'll throw that aforementioned Paczki Day party. It's the only day of the year they serve the infamous Paczki Bomb, an alcoholic delight that was invented by Mike Mouyianis and Rob Nichol. Last year they sold 36 dozen of the tasty and calorie-packed treats and still sold out by 5 p.m. So, friends, we advise you to get there early.

Paczki Bomb

1 Raspberry Paczek

1.5 ounces Raspberry Stoli Vodka

Widen hole with straw, pour vodka into hole.