HotPOP! Chicago-Style Gourmet Popcorn

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10am-5pm


Restaurant Details

Get a taste of the windy city at the GM Renaissance Center. Detroiters are now able to purchase authentic chicago-style gourmet popcorn in downtown Detroit.

All HotPOP products are made fresh multiple times each day the old-fashioned way. That means our products are made by hand using our proprietary chicago-style recipe. This includes our Crispy Caramel Corn, Cheesy Cheddar Corn, Buttered Popcorn, and Kettle Korn. This stuff simply cannot be found in any grocery store aisle.

HotPOP's proven best-seller is the "Chicago Mix" – which is a blend of caramel and cheese popcorn.

HotPOP also proudly serves Stucchi's ice cream and frozen yogurt – rated #1 in Michigan.

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