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If looks could kill (your sex life)

Men who are too good-looking are never good in bed because they never had to be," opined relationship expert Carrie Bradshaw. True?



"Men who are too good-looking are never good in bed because they never had to be," opined relationship expert Carrie Bradshaw. True? Are not-so-hot men and women actually better in bed?


As a really, really, ridiculously good-looking person, I'd have to say, on behalf of the really really ridiculously good-looking people of the world, we really just expect you to orgasm from looking at us. And that's a gift, from us, to you. 

—Mary Margaret, 22, 5 partners, straight


True. Most good-looking men are more concerned with getting themselves off than pleasing their woman. I think not-so-hot women also get off by pleasing their man. 

—Happily In Love Temporarily, 34, 73 partners, straight


My girlfriend is stunning and also amazing in bed. Yes, I'm a lucky SOB. Though I understand the thought process here: People who are unattractive get it less often so therefore they're more grateful and more willing to make it count. Not in my experience. 

—Somewhat Damaged, 37, 8 partners, straight


True. The best-looking guys I have been with have not been good at all in bed. However, some of the ugliest guys I have been with haven't been good either because they think they are great-looking. Guys who are pretty humble about themselves are wonderful in bed. 

—Nannette, 49, 11 partners, straight


No. Actually, it's probably the opposite. The hotter guys I've banged have been better in bed, but I'm just chalking that up to more practice (due to their good looks). 

—Jose Queervo, 31, 45 partners, gay


Hell, no! Most good-looking men are hung a bit more so the sex is better! 

—Eliza, 33, straight 


Most women are incredibly lazy in bed. They have the "golden pussy" syndrome where they feel theirs is best and all they have to do is lay there. But, I have noticed that better-looking women tend to try harder and actually enjoy sex a bit more. I think maybe they are a bit insecure and are trying to make up for it. Fine by me! 

—Cement Dick, 44, 800 partners, straight 


I don't know. I'm an ugly guy, so I would not know and I would guess they would have more practice than us ugly dudes. 

—Blunt, 34, 6 partners, straight 


Always date one point below you on a 1-10 scale. 

That's just science. 

—Ella, 25, 11 partners, gay


I couldn't tell you. I've only been with one woman. And I have no idea how "hot" or "not" I am. 

—Perry, 24, 1 partner, straight


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