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Jameson Irish Whiskey | 40% ABV


The day has come, friends, to pretend you're Irish, dress in traditional Irish garb (i.e. green tutus), take copious shots of Irish whiskey, and generally get plastered before 10 a.m. That day is known as St. Patrick's Day, and it's Thursday, March 17.

How does one accomplish all of that on a weekday? Well, having a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey around sure helps. The iconic brand is a favorite among those who prefer Irish whiskey to American and Canadian brands.

Made with just three main ingredients, barley, corn, and pure Irish water, Jameson is as simple as it is refined. Triple distilled, Jameson is smooth and balanced, but that didn't just happen naturally. The process of distilling this whiskey has been perfected over the 235 years since the great master distiller John Jameson first discovered the triple distillation process.

A pot still whiskey, it's blended with a delicate grain whiskey, infused with the nuttiness of their sherry casks, and balanced with fragrant vanilla in bourbon casks.