Art Exhibition

Jax Anderson's 'Heal' EP release show

When: Sat., Nov. 23, 7-10 p.m. 2019

For Anderson's Hurt EP release, she's enlisted six artists, including herself, to interpret the new record through visuals for a gallery show at Assemble Sound, which has been closed to the public for more than a year following extensive renovations. Artists Bre'Ann White, GOOD—PALS, Lansuh, Bakpak Durden, and Papier Tabloid (all of whom Anderson says she "respects the shit out of") have come together to create a flowing visual experience, which includes a listen through of the record and music video screenings. The release will not offer a live performance, however. Anderson says her commitment to making fearless art is an extension of her love of creating a sense of community within her work and giving a platform to like-minded people. Names, hats, and 808s aside, Heal is less of a change of direction and more of a continuation of what she's always set out to do: be herself and inspire others to do the same.