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Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout


Back again to give ’em hell! Say hello to MB12, pilgrim! • John WayneAmerica, Why I Love Her (MPI) :: Now, more than ever. • Pink FloydThe Wall (Columbia) :: Producer Bob Ezrin records schoolkids on 1979 album, schoolkids now sue for royalties. • Hero (Miramax DVD) — Back in the ’60s they didn’t use wires to make actors fly. They used drugs. • The Rolling StonesLive Licks (Virgin) :: When Mick Jagger now sings: “Brown sugar, how come you taste so good, just like a young man should,” he’s not being politically correct … • The Rolling StonesCocksucker Blues (unreleased 1970 Decca single) :: … he’s being consistent. • KISSDestroyer (Casablanca) :: Bob Ezrin records schoolkids on 1976 album, schoolkids about to sue for royalties. • The DearsNo Cities Left (SpinART) :: Just when you think that theatrical rock is dead, somebody comes along to prove you right. • The MusicWelcome To The North (Capitol) :: Jon Anderson on heavy-metal steroids? Yes! • BlancheIf We Can’t Trust The Doctors (V2) :: Fans of Angelo Badalamenti and Julie Cruise might like the tremulous tremolo tunes that these local yokels are a-pickin’. • Dead Celebrity StatusBlood Music (HRM) :: Medic! Transfusion! Too late, somebody call the coroner. • Alice Cooper School’s Out (Warner Bros.) :: Ezrin records schoolkids on 1972 … oops, ran out of space! • SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Kaada PattonRomances (Ipecac) :: Just when you think that you’ve heard it all, along comes the absolute weirdest album of the year. If Leonard Cohen had been a black falsetto horror movie TV host back in the ’50s who dug Stockhausen, he couldn’t have come up with a more deliriously psychotronic album than this. • Be seeing you!

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