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Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout


You have VHS answers! Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout #184 has DVD questions!

TotoFalling in Between Live (Eagle Vision) :: Why does the singer look like Burton Cummings?

AmericaLive in Central Park 1979 (Eagle Vision) :: Need proof that they’re better than Neil Young?

FlipperLive (MVD Visual) :: Beyond primitive or beyond belief?

Various ArtistsA Tribute to Edith Piaf (Eagle Vision) :: Doesn’t anyone speak English anymore?

Mink DeVilleLive at Montreux 1982 (Eagle Vision) :: Since when does playing thirty seconds of "Harlem Nocturne" qualify you to play a jazz festival?

Earth, Wind & FireIn Concert 1981 (Eagle Vision) :: And you thought Labelle had a cornball costumed act?

GillanThe Glory Years (Eagle Vision) :: If this compilation stands tall with lotsa live fun from 1981 and a buncha bonus Euro TV vids, then why is it so short?

Dead BoysReturn of the Living Dead Boys: Halloween Night 1986 (MVD Visual) :: Do two versions of "Sonic Reducer" and an intro by Joseph Ramone atone for Stiv’s Nazi uniform?

Pat Metheny GroupImaginary Day Live (Eagle Vision) :: Should I say "So What" if this 10-year-old film contains a surfeit of slo-mo, blurry special effects and mini box split screens that does the music a decidedly dated disservice?

MetricLive at Metropolis (Last Gang) :: Does Euro disco syntho electro pop done 20 years too late rate?

Quincy JonesLive at Montreux 1996 (Eagle Vision) :: Not exactly Duke Ellington live at Carnegie Hall, is it?

SIZZLING PLATTERS OF THE WEEK: Stray CatsRock Therapy & Blast Off (Hep Cat) :: If you only know the name Brian Setzer from his big band Yuletide excursions, then there’s no questioning the fact that these two must-have reissues — which originally hail from ’86 and ’89 — are what you been a-missin’, oh boy. The buoyant bouffant energy and oily enthusiasm that oozes outta these rockabilly records like a tube of Brylcreem slowly squished under the rumblin’ wheels of a Ed "Big Daddy" Roth customized classic is nothing short of refreshingly authentic.

Be seeing you!