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Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout


No, Mister Bond! I expect you to read Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout #186!

GoldfingerHello Destiny (Side One Dummy) :: Anyone who thinks that a song called "Handjobs For Jesus" is funny should either be eviscerated by an industrial laser or decapitated by a flying derby — or both. And then have their remains fed to the cleft palate butler. Garch a har?

Tim Lee 3good2b3 (Paisley Pop) :: Elliott Murphy meets Lou Reed meets Bob Dylan. But then again, they always have, haven't they?

David MartelI Hardly Knew Me (Kindling) :: What begins with a long lingering Tangerine Kraftwerk electrowash inexplicably — but brilliantly — morphs into a Monkees' Head vibe. Then it gets even better.

Song of the SirenCity Lights Are Blinding You (self-released) :: Jazz-tinged pop paeans that hint that the Patti Smith Group would've sounded a lot better had Lenny and the boys been blessed with a less pretentious babe up front.

Old Man LuedeckeProof of Love (Black Hen) :: Old man take a look at my review of your new banjo album it's a lot like … well, remember those old ads that said: "Gee, Ma! It's a Wurlitzer!" No? Then I guess you're not all that old, after all.

Marian McPartlandTwilight World (Concord Jazz) :: I don't know if this album of sensually slinky piano-led pieces is playing in that late-nite diner that those coffee drinking habitués are inhabiting in Edward Hopper's painting "Nighthawks." But if it isn't, it should be.

Moreland & Arbuckle1861 (Northern Blues) :: A blues 'n' roll concept album about Kansas? That rocks as hard as Johnny Winter in his slip-slidin' prime? Fatty, what will they think of next?

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Samuel JamesSongs Famed for Sorrow and Joy (Northern Blues) :: Well, howsabout a cover sticker blurb from none other than the aforesaid John Dawson that rightly proclaims Mistuh Sammy as: "Fantastic! Great voice and a great playing style! Traditional blues done with a hip twist!" In other words, it's almost as good as Performance and Exile on Main Street combined.

Be seeing you!