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Metro Beach

Before you visit, make sure that Metro Beach is open. Local morning news programs cheerily recite daily beach closures almost as often as they do snow days during the winter months. (Does anyone else think that’s weird?)

Since 1994, Metro Beach and other local beaches have been closed on numerous occasions — sometimes for long stretches of the summer — due to sewage overflows and other water quality problems. The Sierra Club asserts that in some locations, E. coli bacteria levels have been recorded at more than 80 times higher than the level which has been determined as safe for human contact.

But when the E. coli levels are low enough to allow you in, and the sun hits the water just right, a day at Metro Beach is what summertime is all about, huh?

Visit to learn more about the water quality problems in Detroit’s local rivers and lakes.

Go to the Macomb County Health Department’s Web site to read water sample reports for Metro Beach and other county beaches.

And if the coast is clear, call the Metro Beach office for information and picnic table reservations: 810-463-4581.