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Readers have hope for Detroit, bones to pick with Snyder



Hope lies ahead

I read with great interest Jack Lessenberry's article "How to save Detroit" (March 2). I've lived in Detroit for 58 years, having come here with my family at the age of 6 in 1953. Detroit was a thriving, bustling city. We were known as the "Arsenal of Democracy" and the "Motor Capital of the World." We were the fifth-largest city in the nation and the public schools were a model for the rest of the country. But the change that time has brought to Detroit, as is painfully obvious, has not been good. Detroit is a mere shell of its former self. But despite the painful change, Detroit has some better days ahead. The city will be much smaller in population and much better-operated. Deficit spending must come to and end. There needs to be a consolidated effort by the mayor and the business community to bring some businesses, eco-friendly, green technology jobs and the like here to employ people. And there needs to be a trained workforce to fill the jobs. Major retailers will have to be a part of those businesses. There will have to be a rapid transportation system in place to connect and truly make it a "world-class" metropolitan area. The issue of crime, though down according to recent released statistics, will have to be of paramount importance in making the city safe. And the Detroit Public Schools will have to greatly improve, i.e. improved graduation rates, decreases in truancy and improved testing scores. I'm a believer! —Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit´┐Ż

Thanks for noticing!

Was your Hamtramck Blowout cover an imitation of the album cover for The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan? If so, kudos, Metro Times. —David Seaver, St. Clair Shores

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