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Our readers sound off one what's in MT this week



Sexist law?

First of all I wish to thank Jack Lessenberry for his excellent columns. They are the first thing I read whenever I pick up the Metro Times. However, Lessenberry left one thing out of his piece on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry ("Of sex and injustice," Nov. 24): It is sexist. A female can commit acts that, if she were male, would put her on the list. However, sex offenses committed by females (such as having sex with an underage male) are seen as more naughty than illegal. Other than that is was an excellent article. Keep up the good work. —Anthony A. Armor, Detroit

Be objective!

Upon finally getting around to reading the Music Issue (Nov. 10), I found myself questioning not only the veracity, but also the integrity of your publication. After reading "Detroit's greatest hits that should gave been," it was noticed that one, and possibly more of the reviews were written by the actual band members.

Realizing that this publication is, just for the most part, a local entertainment guide, there must be a limited pool of talent. However, if there is a need to review local music, let it be reviewed by one with an objective, unbiased opinion. C'mon, some of the reviews in question fell just short of being a self-congratulatory pat on the back.

Detroit is a big music town. There is a strong music scene here. There are more than a few people who would like to read something interesting about the scene. I know I'm one of them. Perhaps in future issues you could offer your readers something more than a review of your friends' bands, or in some cases, your friend's own band. Just sayin'.—P. Garza, Detroit

An interview with planner Harriet Saperstein ("A view from Lafayette Park," Nov. 17) misidentified the group that she chairs. It is the Woodward Avenue Action Association (

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