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Wild about Harry

I enjoyed Adam Druckman’s Netropolis column, "Campaign buttons" (MT, Sept. 6-12), especially his astute observation on candidate Web sites giving out important information; "I suspect that's exactly what the two major parties don't want to do."

Perhaps you could write about, the Web site of the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president. The Harry Browne site is very direct in providing the information voters would want; there’s nothing fancy, but the site is well-designed with great content. Here's a 'politician' who really gives a damn whether his people know his views. When you combine that with his refusal of Federal campaign money simply on principle, i.e. his disagreement with the concept of taxing some to pay for others' expenses, you have a very honest candidate, whether you want him to win the election or not. I, for one, do. I suspect many others, upon perusal of his Web site, would too. —Bob Shrader,, Eastpointe


Two views

We received several letters concerning Jack Lessenberry’s column, "Labor and other pains," (MT, Sep. 6-12). One letter from Dennis Nazelli, a "locked-in" newspaper worker and member of Teamsters Local 372, called Lessenberry a "self-absorbed labor muse," and reminds us that, "five years later, the striking unions are still alive and kicking corporate asses. Today Detroit is a stronger and less-divided labor town than ever before." Lessenberry’s responded that "the newspaper unions did, in fact, effectively destroy themselves," and "let their enemies pick the place and time of the fight … and launched a strike without adequately preparing the membership for it."

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