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Good God

I just wanted to say thank you for your article "Hypochrists" (News Hits, April 30), especially for the link to that wonderful Web site on churches and organizations that welcome anyone regardless of race, gender or religion ( Living in Ferndale has opened my eyes to the plight of everyone, but especially transgendered people, and it's nice to see a positive article that reminds these incredibly strong people that not everyone will make them feel the way that church made Karen Liedigk feel. —Johanna O'Bryan, Ferndale, MI

Where there's smoke

I just read Curt Guyette's two articles about Detroit's incinerator ("The Big Burn," April 2 and "Fired Up," April 30). Incredible. I have posted them, with credit to you of course, on two forums available in Frederick, Md.

Frederick is on the verge of building the first incinerator in this country since 1995. I have been working hours and hours every day digging through contracts and a bond prospectus regarding another incinerator located in Maryland. I'm trying to answer the question, "Who's making the money?"

I have also coordinated a field trip for community leaders from the Frederick area to Boulder, Colo., to see what a community can do when it works together toward the concept of "zero waste." The featured speaker will be Eric Lombardi, the executive director of Eco-cycle [one of the oldest and largest nonprofit recyclers in the United States]. If you think it would be beneficial for any of Detroit's officials to attend the Zero Waste Field Trip, please feel free to forward them my e-mail address.

Thank you for the great investigative reporting you have done for Detroit.
—Caroline Eader, Frederick, Md.

An error regarding the ethnicity of the character Kumar in Corey Hall's review of the film Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (Metro Times, April 30) was made during the editing process. Hall did not make the mistake.