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Magic money minder



The reason J. Crew’s magic wallet is good is twofold (appreciate that pun): it’s efficient and attractive. Here’s what’s magical about it: The wallet opens from two ends. Place cash, a license or business cards in the fold, shut the wallet, open it from the other end and blammo — your stuff has been secured inside handy straps. It’s heaven for careless folk who can’t keep a wallet organized. It’s also sleek and thin and comes in a variety of color combos, such as midnight and pea green or crimson and cotton-candy pink. However, you can’t fit a lot of stuff in it. It’s really only helpful for carrying bar night essentials. And after using it on such an occasion, you have to remember to place the leftover cash (!) and ID back into a real wallet. Available for $25 at a J. Crew store near you.

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