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McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix

Popular picklers make a mean bloody mary mix.

  • Courtesy photo.

Brothers Joe and Bob McClure have successfully run McClure’s Pickles for years now. But there was one problem: After pickling cucumbers for their popular pickle varieties, not all the brine made its way into the jars. Rather than throw out the tasty, vinegary goodness, the brothers had a better idea: McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix. Made from their spicy pickle brine, tomato paste, fresh-pressed cucumber juice, and a few secret ingredients, the mix is all-natural.

The fresh vegetables in McClure’s mix give it a tangy, straight-from-the-garden flavor. You’ll find that it’s thick and quite spicy, but not overpowering. Bob McClure describes it as a “pickle lover’s mix.” You can even cook with it. The McClure’s website offers a recipe for bloody mary gumbo, using their mix. Of course, it makes a great traditional bloody mary, but don’t relegate this mix to vodka cocktails alone. Joe McClure makes killer drinks by combining the mix with tequila, gin, or even whiskey for an unexpected surprise. Some bloody mary purists insist that the drink be served with beer on the side to accompany the flavors, and Bob tells Metro Times that McClure’s recommends Atwater Lager alongside their bloodies. He’s also said to be on the lookout for an exciting new product from Atwater in the near future. To make Joe’s tequila cocktail, the Southbound, muddle limes and cilantro and add to a tall glass with ice. Then, fill the glass to three-quarters full with 100 percent agave tequila, fresh lime juice, and McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix. Top it off with Modelo beer and a lime wedge — just add a patio for a well-deserved break.