Mezzaluna (Closed) Menu Image

Offering classic Italian fare in elegant surroundings, Mezzaluna is blessed with highly professional, liveried servers who lend an unintimidating air of continental sophistication rarely found in restaurants in such an accessible price niche. While examining the four-page menu, one can nibble on warm, cheese-infused focaccia and crusty Italian farm bread. The mains on the menu include fresh pastas such as baci pappalina, several gnocchis and penne dolce vita that does resemble a traditional tutto mare. Most of the seafood is flown in from Boston’s fabled Foley’s, and top-round, milk-fed veal is another specialty. The wine sauces more than complement the meat, fish or fowl. To top things off, desserts might include an admirable, unusually tall house-made cheesecake ($8) or a dreamy light tiramisu ($7.50).