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Mike Douglas - The Men in My Little Girl's Life (1966)

If that title doesn't scare you, imagine your daughter is Mike Douglas!



It's amazing this record can even spin around past the stylus for all the sap drenched inside its sentimental grooves. The all-singing, all-narrating title track finds the affable former daytime talk-show host using his inquiring voice to approximate a little girl wanting to go out and play with boys outside. Ah, they grow up so fast. Next verse Mike-as-daughter is asking Daddy for the car. Before you know it, Mike-as-daughter has morphed into Mike-as-a-grown-woman-with-a-husband-and-little boy-of-her-own. If only Mike could've carried this conceit past menopause and hot flashes, then we could've thrilled to hear Mike-as-ignored-wife wonder if it was the wearing of facial mud packs, cucumber eye patches and hair curlers that caused the man in this little girl's life to stay late at the office forever. Or sympathize with Mike-as-guilt-ridden mother wondering if she obliterated every last shred of her son's heterosexuality by blasting Vikki Carr albums around the clock.