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Money for nothin’



News Hits read with great interest last week’s revelation by the Free Press that mayoral candidate Kwame Kilpatrick had a nonprofit organization he created to support “voter education” activities related to his role as leader of the House Democrats. Kudos to the Freep for getting the scoop, which included news that the head of another nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless donated $50,000 to Kwame’s pet project. And the fact that Kwame turned around and wrote an endorsement for that same person to get a lucrative county contract? Well, all involved swear up and down that the two actions are unconnected.

Yeah, right.

As this paper reported previously, KK grew indignant — indignant, we tell you! — during a recent candidate interview when we raised concerns about the negative influence big-moneyed special interests can have on an officeholder.

“The layman’s view of politicians always is that you’re beholden to the people that gave you money,” quoth KK. “It’s really kind of funny to me.”

Forgive us, laymen that we are, for having the last laugh on this one.

Ha, ha, ha.

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