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Motion to strike



City Council, infamous for arguments and personal spats, enjoyed a much-needed respite last week.

During an Oct. 22 discussion segment, meeting chair JoAnn Watson attempted to get the attention of Lonnie Bates, who was having a side conference with his chief of staff Zen Braswell.

Bates made the grim mistake of forcing Watson to call his name three times.

Watson, who sits three chairs away, stood, strode over to Bates, and gave him a light, motherly pop on the head. She then bent down and scolded Bates for not paying attention, wagging a finger at him. Bates, with a sheepish smile, apologized.

Watson then returned to her seat and said, “Oops, upside your head, member Bates.”

If only City Council could always approach their differences with such humor and aplomb.

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