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For Detroit-based Suicide Girl Jessica Martin, it was all over when she checked out a burlesque show back in '03. She wasn't even aware the Suicide Girls existed before that show, but afterward she knew what she wanted.

Jessica got some contacts, and a photo shoot later she was a Suicide Girl. "I love that Suicide Girls is retro pinup with a new twist. Like old-school Marilyn Monroe with a tattoo, or Betty Page's daughter coming to getcha."

To Jessica, Suicide Girls is much more than just a website: "We're a community of women who are proud of how we look. We're smart, we like good music and we can handle our booze," she says, grinning. "And a lot of my friends I've met through Suicide Girls; I could go to Europe tomorrow and have a place to stay."

As a Suicide Girl, Jessica's called Campbell ("like the soup — Mmm-mmm good!") but in real life Jessica designs men's and women's clothes for her Bossy Lingerie & Apparel company and does hair and makeup. She does special effects horror makeup too, which explains her fascination with zombies. "Being a zombie is the best — you're not dead but you're not alive."

For Campbell being a Suicide Girl is all about being alive — feeling hot while not being a Size 0 clothes hanger. "People got sucked into the whole Twiggy thing. We need to lose the Twiggy and bring back the Marilyn Monroe."

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