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Derrick Miller of Sleigh Bells talks Motown, pro sports and the new stuff



Together, Derrick Miller and Alexis Krauss are Sleigh Bells. You've heard his crunchy riffs, bombed-out beats. You dig her look and hooks. You've been waitin' for 'em since they blew Detroit's roof off last summer. Miller remembers:

Metro Times: What do you remember of your last show here?

Derek Miller: I never enter Detroit without thinking about Motown, so I'm always in a good mood when I'm there. The crowds are always really heavy, as well. Unpretentious and sweaty. Good combination.

MT: Sleigh Bells and Cansei de Ser Sexy is one sultry bill. Whose set's sexier?

Miller: I don't know. Lovefoxxx and Alexis should fight to the death.

MT: Do the ladies have much in common?

Miller: They're both weirdos.

MT: Saw the Bells #23 basketball jersey. Dope. Are you jocks?

Miller: I'm down with the NBA, but I'm an NFL man myself. The Bulls-Bells jersey just seemed like a no-brainer.

MT: It's nonstop tours and fests for you guys. Any songs you're sick of playing?

Miller: I'm still OK with the Treats songs. But I'm dying to make a new record. It's always "Wait till you hear the new stuff," that whole gimmick. Except I'm sincere about it: Wait till you hear the new stuff.

Sleigh Bells play Wednesday, May 18, at St. Andrew's Hall; with CSS.