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Motor City Rides



The Muldoons love the Stooges. The beauty of the Stooges is Iggy and the brothers Asheton getting in touch with their inner children to let it all hang out in the spirit of rock ’n’ roll. Brothers Shane and Hunter Muldoon, along with their pop Brian on drums, are two kids who let it all hang out.

There’s nothing quite like seeing 10-year-old Shane feverishly feedback two old Silvertone guitars that are about four times his age while 13- year-old bro Hunter invokes a wall of Big Muffinduced fuzz with his Gibson SG. Definitely not a novelty act, the Muldoon’s self-penned Brendan Benson-produced debut album (just out on Third Man/Cass Records) is a primal rocking, shoutalong burst of fuzzed-out fun.

Not quite old enough to drive yet, Shane and Hunter cruise around their Corktown neighborhood in matching Schwinn Choppers (their parents got them a couple of years ago). The fat rear tire and long chain are sweet for rollin’ the ’hood, not so sweet for jumping off ramps.

A few years back, Hunter attempted to jump a couple of ramps on his chopper. He chipped teeth and nearly tore off his lip when he hit the sidewalk. Sadly, there were no video cameras around — it would’ve been a perfect moment on MTV’s Scarred, which happens to be one of the brothers’ favorite shows.

A quick Henry Ford Hospital stint and a bunch of stitches later, Hunter was fine. Just don’t expect him to grow a mustache when he gets older.

Unfazed by the wreck, Hunter still loves to ride his chopper with his kid bro. “Everyone should own one!” they say.

Celebrate the release of The Muldoons with the band on Saturday, June 9, at the Lager House (1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-961-4668).