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Best new downtown scene

Instant Vintage at Fifth Avenue

2100 Woodward (inside Comerica Park), Detroit


There’s a mysterious charm to Sunday nights at Fifth Avenue downtown. It might be the duo residents, DJ HFusion and Brad Hales, and attendant collection of old soul, hip hop and groove-intensive sounds. Maybe it’s the monthly engagements by internationally renowned DJ Theo Parrish and top-shelf guests for a pocket-change price. Outfitted with enormous tropical fish tanks and offering views of the ballpark and the heart of the downtown skyline, maybe it’s the environment itself. Whatever the formula, the evening just feels right. The relaxed vibe of the fashionably low-key locals and loft-dwellers could help redefine Detroit’s downtown nightlife.

Best club night

United at the Shelter

431 W. Congress, Detroit


Less than a year into bringing frothy sleaze back to the dance floor, the Saturday club dubbed Untitled has already been responsible for public spankings, vodka squirt-gun fights, a Miss Untitled pageant, three wonderfully unnecessary subgenres (sasspunk, jungleclash and dorkwave), flash-mob-style after-parties (BYO at the drive-in until 4 a.m., Jell-O wrestling, etc.) and plenty of assorted monkeyshines. Oh, and the music’s great too. Consider your liver pickled, Jack.