Art Showing


When: Fri., Oct. 24, Sat., Oct. 25, Sun., Oct. 26, Mon., Oct. 27, Tue., Oct. 28, Wed., Oct. 29, Thu., Oct. 30, Fri., Oct. 31, Sat., Nov. 1 and Sun., Nov. 2 2014

The Detroit Institute of Arts will exhibit 28 ofrendas created by local artists. An ofrenda (offering) is an essential part of the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) holiday. Ofrendas consist of a collection of objects meaningful to the deceased and placed on altars as a welcome to those being remembered or honored. They are traditionally decorated with ornate sugar skulls, flowers, favorite foods, mementos and pictures of the deceased. Some contemporary versions have gone beyond the tradition and have been created as a way to pay homage not only to people but also to places, moments in time, ideas and events that people feel are worth commemorating.