Art Showing

Oliver Payne’s Chill Out

When: Thu., March 5, 8 p.m. 2015

Payne, who won a fancy prize at one of the Venice Biennales for his colorful installation work, is hosting an intriguing performance at MOCAD tonight, where it seems like all this chap (he’s young, and British) is doing is playing a 1990s release by the KLF, perhaps like that one Sun City Girls show where it looked like they were going to perform a John Coltrane record but people showed up and they sat around, on stage, while the record played on a turntable. We’re not saying that will happen tonight; we do not know what will happen. But if you show up with an open mind in the mood for fun and maybe even transcendence, you should totally go. If you just want to be snarky and huff about whether something is art or not, just stay home and hit refresh on the Gawker newsfeed instead.

Price: $5