When: Sat., June 27, 8 p.m. 2015

Being a Van Halen tribute band means achieving the very heights of what it takes to be a tribute act. You have crazy outfits to wear, high notes as well as low ones to hit, complicated song structures and polyrhythmic drum work, pretty high high-jumps, plus of course that pyrotechnic guitar work. And it all has to be delivered with manic energy, and zealous fervor. When one is dealing with rock musicians in their 40s and well beyond, the best tribute bands are more worth seeing than those original artists. This is because the original artists will 99 percent of the time be playing in order to pay off the latest alimony plus a mortgage on an island home, while the tribute band is playing because they love this music so much and it helps them forget their dreary day jobs. Panama exists in the upper tier of tribute acts, in every respect. (18+)

Price: $12