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Phun with bigots



Several weeks back, News Hits reported that Kansas minister Fred Phelps is bringing his traveling hate show to Ferndale just before Christmas. It seems Fred believes Fernhole is a sodomite haven, and he’s coming to exorcise a few demons. If you want an inkling of just how vile and intolerant Phelps and his followers are, visit his Web site at

Following our hit, readers asked what they could do to combat creeping Phelpsism, an affliction characterized by a pathetically small cerebral cortex and, in men, even tinier reproductive organs. We’re glad to announce an antidote:, a new Web site created by David Livingstone. “You can’t allow this kind of stuff to trot into town without speaking out against it,” explains Livingstone, a freelance writer, publicist and Web site designer.

As Livingstone notes on the site, “PHIGHTING PHELPSIAN PHACISM IS PHUN! And, it’s good for you. Besides helping to rid our fair town of insane bigoted freaks, you’ll be building your physical and mental abilities — as well as earning brownie points with God. (The real one, not Phelps’s).”


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