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Picks and pans



Speaking of the mayor’s race, News Hits can only wonder what they are thinking over at the editorial offices of the Detroit Free Press and News. Those of you who read our cover story last week know that we (along with a great number of other observers) think the dailies had done a less-than-shining job covering the race to replace Dennis Archer. In interviews for that story, editors at both papers said they were planning to gear up coverage in coming weeks. Over at the News, for example, they ran a series of lengthy Q&As last week with six leading candidates, and were at work on in-depth profiles of the leading candidates.

The Freep’s metro editor, Jeff Taylor, also indicated that, in addition to the paper’s previous coverage of issues surrounding the race, a good deal of substantial coverage was still in the offing. Our jaws dropped, however, when we opened Friday’s Freep to see it already endorsing a candidate. As far as we could tell, that recommendation came without providing the paper’s readers with any serious examination of the leading contenders. In the humble opinion of News Hits, it was what we’d call a premature proclamation. The Freep’s selection, by the way: state Rep. Kwame Kilpatrick. And the News followed suit, also backing Kilpatrick, on Sunday. Although the News at least offered a rationale for its timing: Absentee ballots, for up to one-third of voters, would be mailed the next day.

The editorial honchos here at Metro Times told News Hits in an exclusive interview that they intend to give the matter more consideration before making a pick. So this is a chance to send those letters our way to make a case for the candidate of your choice. The primary is Sept. 11.

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