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Poets who know it



Hot news. Last week a state lawmaker introduced a bill that would create a poet laureate for the state of Michigan. News Hits couldn’t resist reporting the news in verse. Since this was written on St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve chosen the highest form, the limerick:


There once was a fine legislator
Who pined to make Michigan greater
His lawmaking muse
Saw nothing to lose
In naming a poetic creator.

Bruce Patterson, R-Grosse Ile
Determined to storm the Bastille
To install a sage versifier
Who’d smite with his cursive ire
Yet keep us all dreaming surreal.

With a nod from the chairman’s true chairage
The bill’s got a swell chance of carriage
If the right doesn’t balk
Amend just to mock
Or graft on an attack on gay marriage.

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