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House Out

That den of activity known as the Green House is on the move. The big question is, to where? Currently located at 22757 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale, the local center of all things progressive is looking for new digs.

“A new location is forced on us, mainly by the rapidly evolving plans of our landlord — plans which do not include low-rent ne’er-do-wells like us,” inform GH diehards who typically don’t blame the landlord who, they say, has “been good to us and we’ve been lucky to be here.”

Ideally the GH, which served as the prime force behind the successful attempt to get instant runoff voting approved in the city of Ferns, will find a storefront to move into. There is much to accomplish, from health care reform to community radio issues, and having a permanent place to call home would help.

The final meeting at the present location will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18. Atop the agenda will be discussion of a new home for the Green House. 248-336-9241.


Civil actions

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission will host a special public forum at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 22, in the Council Chambers at Dearborn City Hall, 13615 Michigan Ave., Dearborn.

The forum is intended to provide area residents and community, faith-based, civic and governmental leaders an opportunity to voice concerns about civil rights issues.

Prior to the forum, beginning at 4 p.m., the commission will hold its regular meeting. That meeting is open to all and will provide an opportunity for public comments. For info phone the commission at 517-241-3986.

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