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Projectile project



News Hits recently touched base with our bud Adam Faja, a former Metro Times designer now relocated to the Left Coast. Seems Faja is responsible for hosting a remarkable Web site gallery featuring scores of posters inspired by the war.

Our question for Faja: What’s the story?

“The idea for this site grew out of discussions about the war on an online graphic design forum. Many people had been expressing frustration about the government’s handling of the situation, and one member suggested that we put our talents into action instead of just whining in a chat room.”

“The vision for the site,” adds Faja, “is that of an open, supportive, and creative forum for engaging a visual dialogue about all sides of the issues around the war.”

As it turns out, most of the posters — at last count there about 270 pieces submitted from artists throughout the world — are anti-war. Some are quite funny in a dark-humor sort of way. Others are stark and chilling. You can see them for yourself at

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