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Rat’s nest


Abandoned Shelter of the Week

Ladaunte Guthridge has a foolproof method for killing rats: blood thinner. He poisoned two of the vermin this way near his Highland Park home just last week and expects to keep offering rodents the lethal refreshment so long as the city ignores the presence of four vacant (save for the rats) houses across the street. The gem among them is 365-7 Tuxedo. The four-family structure caught fire more than 10 years ago in a suspected case of arson. The city began to tear it down, but then, says Guthridge, “They just left one day; never came back to finish it.” The remnants include the lower-level facade, a portion of the side wall, a second-story window frame, and a barely discernible set of stairs. “I remember when this was one of the nicest blocks in Highland Park,” says Guthridge, a 20-year resident. But now, it’s gone to the rats.

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