Readers' Picks - The Glory of Capitalism

Best Antique Store
Dumouchelle Art Galleries

409 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit; 313-963-6255
Persian brass daggers, ivory sculptures by Inuits, Queen Anne mahogany furniture, framed copies of Striptease starring Demi Moore ... wait. What? Doumuchelle's is all that you'd expect from a fine art auctioneer, open since 1927, and, well, just a little bit more. Maybe that's why you love this Detroit dealer.


Best Place to Buy Art
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

Downtown Ann Arbor; 734-994-5260
Peruse the jewelry as a juggler tries distracting you, check out the handcrafted art on the streets (these ain't no schlocky prints) and the steals inside stores (sneakers for under $25?) during one extended weekend of fun. Since 1960, the Ann Arbor art fair has been offering pastel portraits, kiln-fired pottery and much more from artists across the country.


Best Thrift Store
Salvation Army Royal Oak

114 E. Fourth St., Royal Oak; 248-542-6661
The thing about the Salvation Army in Royal Oak is that good stuff comes in, but it gets snatched up real quick (compared to say, the sweet stuff at SA's Garden City location). You gotta go there, like, at least every week to find some real deals. From $99 red velvet couches to rad belts and paintings of stallions, they've got it, if you give the effort.


Best Vintage Clothing
Lost and Found Vintage

510 S. Washington Ave., Royal Oak; 248-548-6154
Well, at least you got one thing right: By far, Lost and Found Vintage has the most accommodating selection of women's vintage around. Every fine dress, shirt or pair of boots is within arm's reach. It's a modest yet manicured selection of ready-to-wear, reasonably priced. Oh, and in a very non-cheesy retail way, the staff is hip and helpful.


Best Flea Market
Dixieland Antique Flea Market

2045 Dixie Hwy., Waterford; 248-338-3220
With more than 250 independent merchants offering antiques and collectibles, you're guaranteed to find that Maggie Simpson Pez dispenser that's eluded you thus far.


Best Laundromat
Mr. Stadium

1964 S. Industrial Hwy., Ann Arbor; 734-668-7928
After all those times when Mom had to touch down and scrub her heart out, it's your turn to tackle tough stains. Buy a knee-length "Mr. Stadium" T-shirt and toss it all in there.


Best Hip-Hop Clothing Store

230 E. Grand River Ave., Detroit; 313-963-6886
"For those that like to stand out" is Spectacles' motto. Whether there's somewhere to be tonight, or it's simply time to add an element of expression to your wardrobe, Spectacles is the first stop to drop cash.


Best Men's Clothier
Showtime Clothing

5708 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-875-9280
This eclectic store with a nondescript exterior resides on the edge of the city's cultural district and attracts vintage seekers and label whores alike. Merchandise includes clothes, jewelry, shoes, incense and oils.


Best Local Clothier for Women

323 S. Main St., Royal Oak; 248-548-2980
For punk princesses and the professionally funky, Incognito has the perfect mix of singular clothing and accessories for downtime or a night on the town.


Best Shoe Store

Various locations
There's nothing more absurd yet so very cliché about the sight of grown women sweating from carrying boxes down long aisles, hair messed from bending down to pick up the strappy sandal that just stabbed her like a dagger in the armpit with its heel. Still, you can't help but hoard DSW shoes by the dozens.


Best Place to Buy Lingerie
Victoria's Secret

Various locations
Metro Detroiters can't seem to get enough of skimpy mass-produced thongs and overpriced push-up bras. Perhaps it has something to do with Victoria's mysteriously black-suited staff and provocatively dressed headless torsos? Whatever the case, VS is the cleavage enhancer of choice.


Best Mall
Somerset Collection

2800 W. Big Beaver Rd., Troy; 248-643-6360
Is it that it's actually a "collection" that makes it the best mall? Still, we get it.


Best Non-Mall Shopping
Royal Oak

What with Pataya, Incognito, Metals in Time, Paris Antiques and Antiques on Main on one walkable strip, as well as Shine, Vertu, and Lost and Found Vintage just a couple cute blocks to the west, Royal Oak is one-stop shopping to spruce up a woman's home and wardrobe.


Best Place for Pampering Women
TIE: Margot European Day Spa

101 Townsend St., Birmingham; 248-642-3770
The Salounge
26123 Novi Rd., Novi, 248-344-4685
In addition to an extensive selection of treatments and services, Margot's Spa offers a full line of carefully selected health and beauty products to continue the heavenly experiences at home. On the other hand (pardon the pun), the Salounge in Novi is still the spot to go for Carrie Bradshaw wannabes. With its modern decor and upbeat music, you ladies might be prompted to call your girls and go shoe shopping.


Best Beauty Supply Store
Sally's Beauty Supply

Various locations
Sally's caters to do-it-yourselfers, licensed beauticians and every vain yet budget-conscious consumer on the beauty continuum.


Best Place for Pampering for Men
TIE: Lady Jane's Haircuts

607 S. Washington Ave., Royal Oak; 248-556-0534; and various locations
26571 W. 12 Mile Rd., Southfield; 248-354-8400
Providing quick, friendly, professional service, whether you make an appointment or simply drop by, Lady Jane's is the place for a razor-sharp cut. Or, for better celebrity-watching, check out Manhood. This remarkably modern stop is every man's pleasure palace, complete with a bar, grooming gallery and half-a-dozen flat screen televisions.


Best Hair Salon
BarbErella Salon

3301 Edwin St., Hamtramck; 313-871-0700
Damn, she's cute. And on top of that, Hamtramck hairdresser Sandy Kramer Shaw knows how to cut locks. She acts modest, giving clients the credit for telling her what they want (as if that's all it takes!), but you're on to her. A half hour in her chair gives you a strong sense of what Detroit style is about — and we're not just talking about the scissor service rendered.


Best Massage
TIE: Irene's Myomassology Institute

26061 Franklin Rd., Southfield; 248-350-1400
300 W. Huron St., Ann Arbor; 734-623-1951
For 40 bucks an hour, Irene's provides the lowest price for a high quality massage with aromatherapy oils and quaintly decorated rooms. But for those looking for a bit more, Relaxstation offers herbal foot baths for the road weary and for those who've been misbehaving after midnight, the popular "Belavi face lift massage."


Best Place to Buy Self-Esteem
Self esteem shop

32839 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak; 248-549-9900
Feeling down? Why so blue? Need a pick-me-up? Stocked full of self-help and self-love, Self Esteem Shop will get you out the house and over him, or her, or it. Whatever's bothering you. The store boasts 30,000 titles and products (from posters to puppets).


Best Adult Novelty Store
Lover's Lane

Various locations
Where else for a rabbit dildo and a naughty police outfit in one-stop shopping? And oh, the variety — toys, gear and clothing for beginners to sexperts.


Best Tattoo Shop
Best Body-piercing Shop
Eternal Tattoos

Locations in Livonia, Eastpointe, Howell, Clawson and Taylor
A note to ink addicts: Wait and think a while before getting that tattoo of your lover's name on your ass. Otherwise you'll be making a second trip to use Eternal's tat removal service at their Howell shop.


Best Smoke Shop
TIE: BDT Pipe & Tobacco

21640 John R, Hazel Park; 248-542-6110
Smokey's Cigars
42919 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills; 248-334-3720
At both these places, smokers can find great prices on the staples — pipes, papers and much more. All you can chew, spit, inhale or cough up.


Best Michigan-Made Product

Located at every self-respecting party store in Michigan
Starting out with three original flavors based on cake frosting recipes in 1907, the Faygo company has now been in business for 100 years and boasts more than 50 flavors. Try living out of state for few years and you'll definitely come to appreciate the sweet and spicy flavor of the 1920s fave Rock & Rye. (There's a rumor it's actually a blend of redpop and cola, but don't try it at home.) True fans will need the recent centennial recipe book for such classics as "Faygo bean casserole with sausage" and "Rock & Rye burger bean pie."


Best Comic Book Store
Green Brain

13210 Michigan Ave., Dearborn; 313-582-9444
Home to the latest in Spiderman comics and a few vintage copies of The Adventures of He-Man, Green Brain comics is the spot for all your intergalactic, superhero needs.


Best Indie Book Store
John King Books (main store)

901 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit; 313-963-9138
Whether you're in the market for the $125,000 Indian Tribes of North America volume or the free cast-offs in the lobby or anything of the 750,000 choices in between ... this former glove factory is the place. And once your out-of-town bibliophile friends realize that, you'll be running down books for them all the time.


Best Adult Book Store
TIE: Just 4 Us Inc.

211 W. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale; 248-547-5878
Uptown Books
16541 Woodward Ave., Highland Park; 313-869-9477
What an interesting trajectory our readers have plotted for us! Running roughly parallel to the axis of Woodward Avenue, this tie pit Ferndale's gay boutique against the trench coaters' paradise. Deduct 10 points for reading comprehension, but add 20 points for the laughs.


Best Video Selection
Thomas Video

122 S. Main St., Clawson; 248-280-2836
"We have the movies they don't want you to see." Yes, we know, we've co-opted their slogan before in the results of the Metro Times "Best Of Detroit" reader's poll. But let's move on, shall we? Let's focus instead on the fact that they have indeed won the readers poll before — more than once, thanks to their brilliant selection of cult and Criterion classics, as well as foreign faves. It is, quite simply, a recluse's heaven.


Best Record Store
Best Indie Record Store
Best Vinyl Store
Record Time

262 W. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale, 248-336-TIME
Spent up all your sick days finding that Shanghai Surprise soundtrack on vinyl? Set the Record Time guys on the task. Things will be different from now on.


Best Video Game Selection
Game Stop

Various locations
From an expansive selection of new products to knowledgeable associates and pre-owned games, Game Stop is geared to deliver everything a gamer could ever need. Except for the couch with a mini fridge.


Best Skate Shop
Modern Skate and Surf

Various locations
Servicing Michigan with the highest quality skateboards, in-line skates, wakeboards, snowboards and more for 25 years, Modern Skate and Surf has been the hub for longer haired skaters to meet up, get gear and say things like "Yo, that kickflip was mob, and he pushin' mongo!" to nods of approval.


Best Wireless

Various locations
4 yr nxt phn, u shld go 4 rdrs' fav!!!! Gr8 games 2!


Best Florist

1300 Broadway St., Detroit; 313-964-5777
853 E. 8 Mile Rd., Ferndale; 248-398-5130

With vibrant modern window displays and reasonable pricing, Blumz gives flower bouquets the overdue makeover they've needed since the '80s carnation boom.


Best Jeweler

The Somerset Collection, 2801 W. Big Beaver Rd., Troy, 248-637-2800
Nothing else makes a girl's heart flutter like those robin's-egg blue boxes.


Best Realtor
Real Estate One

Various locations
It used to be the three most important words to keep in mind when shopping for a house were location, location, location. Now it's foreclosure, foreclosure, foreclosure. There's no reason not to pick up an incredible bargain in this much distressed market, and our readers say Real Estate One is the place to help you find it.


Best Mortgage Broker
TIE: Gmac

Various locations
Rock Financial
Various locations
With so many shady operators out there looking to take advantage, you need to go with a name you can trust. These two top the list.


Best Place for Pet Supplies
Pet Supplies Plus

Various locations
Your pet is welcome while you shop. Chew toys are located on lower shelves for easy canine grabs. Your pooch bites it, you buy it.


Best Place to Buy New Furniture
TIE: Art Van

Various locations
41640 Ford Rd., Canton; 734-981-6300
Big selection and big variety at both. Big boxes ship from Art Van; big construction projects once you get home from IKEA.


Best Audio Equipment
Best Buy

Various locations
Once again mass marketing and mega-corporations prevail. Trouncing out the mom-and-pop stores, Best Buy wins with fluorescent-lit isles and mainstream merchandise.


Best Place to Buy a Car
Troy Motor Mall

1850-2600 W. Maple Rd., Troy
1815-1835 Maplelawn Rd., Troy
Whether you need a budget model from Ford or an Aston Martin, this auto market can fit your taste and price range. We only wish MOTOR MALL was a little bit HUGER.


Best Foreign Car
Honda Civic

Some say it's totally un-PC and anti-Detroit to buy Japanese. But, if you must, the longstanding Civic model offers style and functionality.


Best Domestic Car
Ford Fusion

Is it the NASCAR affiliation or the hybrid model that's the attraction? Either way, a sensible car and homegrown.


Best Car Wash

Various locations
If you need that special soft-cloth touch, a thorough underbody wash or some detailing (throat clear here), Jax has got what you need.


Best Way to Blow $100
Best Way to Blow $1,000

"Blow dough, make mo' dough" a beloved phase stolen from one Detroiter, appears to be the Metro Times readers' motto.


Best Pawn Shop
Zeidman's Loan Office

2669 Gratiot Ave., Detroit; 313-567-7170
One man's trash ... At Zeidman's you can get rid of musical instruments, stereos, televisions, power tools and whatever else is cluttering up your home — or buy all that stuff at a discounted price to furnish a barren apartment.


Best Attorney
Geoffrey Fieger

19390 W. 10 Mile Rd., Southfield, 248-355-5555
Best at keeping one foot in the courtroom and the other on the front page. Just now Fieger's biggest cause is saving himself. A grand jury says he stepped way over the line to make illegal campaign contributions to John Edwards and cover them up. The mouth that roars says it's political.


Best Head Shop
The Station

25940 Michigan Ave., Inkster; 313-561-7969
The tossed salad of head shops, the Station is a one-stop shopping emporium for all of your lighting up, adult novelty, hippie goods and metaphysical needs. Friendly staff serves in a noncreepy setting, with a relaxing atmosphere.


Best New Age Emporium
Earth Lore

15076 Middlebelt Rd., Livonia; 734-762-0717
A little Zen oasis in a sweltering corporate American desert, Earth Lore specializes in unique, multicultural gifts from across the globe.


Best Health Food Store
Best Place to Buy Organic Food
Whole Foods

Various locations
No other grocery chain can seem to match the selection and quality of organic produce, meats and other products that have made Whole Foods so popular in southeastern Michigan. Whole Foods has built an empire out of healthy living with a large selection of supplements, body products and nutritious alternatives for those with food allergies or dietary exclusions.


Best Health Club
Life Time Fitness

Various locations
Open 24 hours, with indoor and outdoor pools, rock-climbing, basketball courts, café and spa, Life Time makes shaping up exciting and convenient. This is not "Ye Olde Town" stinky treadmill-filled gym without televisions. Life Time is clean, well-staffed and so large you'll never get stuck waiting in line to use an elliptical machine.


Best Place to Buy a Motorcycle
Motor City Harley-Davidson

34900 Grand River Ave., Farmington Hills; 248-473-7433
The knowledgeable employees ride their own at this two-wheel mecca. Don't forget the skull mirror accessories.


Best Bike Shop
Two Wheel Tango

4765 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor; 734-769-8401
3162 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor; 734-528-3030

Shoulder your Trek over to TWT's bike techs for a quick rim tape job. Sign on to community rides and show it off with those new thigh-huggers.