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The next time you get stuck in a place (doctor’s office, Dad’s car, etc.) where you’re forced to listen to "oldies" music, or the next time you’re stopped at a light right in front of a pseudo-A&W joint’s parking lot filled with classic cars (and don’t think it won’t happen, buster, because as a matter fact I think I hear the terrifying sounds of Beach Boys music, and it ain’t Pet Sounds, rapidly approaching), think about how warm-weather car fun has drastically lost speed. Baby-vroomers once drag raced on Woodward Ave; today, we inch down Jefferson Ave. or Seven Mile Road. We still love cars; there’s just no socially acceptable, legal place to drive really fast. So we just leave it to the professionals at the Michigan International Speedway. Stock car racing is something you need to see at least once. At what other sporting event do you get to bring your own beer into the arena? NASCAR races are like a cross between a Grateful Dead show and a hoedown, with way too many males and way too few minorities. Still, give it a try Sunday, June 10 (the Kmart 400) or Sunday, Aug. 19 (the Pepsi 400) — tickets are available at —Tom A’Hearn What grabs your attention? E-mail