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Run free



News Hits has been putting on a few pounds lately. We kid ourselves about going on a diet. But that is as likely to happen as it is for George Dubya to give Saddam Hussein a wet kiss. It’s not going to get any easier shedding the blubber with Thanksgiving and other stuff-your-face holidays around the corner.

Given that, we’re thinking a fine way to trim our flabby asses is to participate in the Third Annual Run for Freedom on Saturday, Nov. 9. Sure there are other means to do it. But running the 5-kilometer race will not only improve our health, but also fortify our souls. All proceeds for the race, which costs a mere $15 to enter ($18 on race day), go to Freedom House in Detroit. The nonprofit provides housing, legal, medical and educational services to immigrants fleeing political persecution; it is the only organization offering such a range of services in the United States.

The run begins at 7:30 a.m.; a 5K scenic walk starts at 9 a.m. Both begin at St. Anne’s Church near the Ambassador Bridge and wind through Corktown and Mexicantown. For more information call David Koelsch at 313-964-4320 or e-mail See you there.

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