When: Sat., May 18, 10 p.m. 2019

Cryovac Recordings is a collection of artists with a personal style that bleeds through their work. Cryovac artists have a relentless energy and passion for the music called techno. They are warriors with a clear vision and discipline on a course that is their own. The Cryovac crew believes in the vinyl record and has always been drawn to its’ unique quality it gives to sound. This e.p. celebrates the record shop, a crossroads of ideas and inspiration, where connections are made solid in the unity of the underground. Rebecca Goldberg twists the 303 around a relentless 4/4 groove that evolves tweaks and pops into a sonic neurosis. Her yin yang approach applies a smooth steady delivery moving parallel to a raucous funk. The collaborative effort of Andy Garcia and Mike Kretsch produced a techno with moody rises and falls, stark kicks, and eerie effects held together with heroic energy. Toms and knocks, digital barks and farts, random clicks and ticks all fall into a galloping composition.

Price: $5