Art Exhibition

Stacey Steers: Night Hunter

When: Fri., May 24, 6 p.m. 2019

It took Colorado-based artist Stacey Steers four years to complete the 4,000 handmade collages that make up the unsettling 16-minute-long stop-motion animation of Night Hunter. The silent film pairs silent film star Lillian Gish and explores the feminine role within domesticity but with creepy eggs, bugs, bats, and snakes against a score that calls to mind Thom Yorke’s anxious Suspiria soundtrack.

In addition to a Friday screening at Detroit's K.OSS Contemporary Art Gallery,  Steers will display the “Night Hunter House” — a large-scale Victorian-style dollhouse where snippets from the film will be projected throughout the house’s many rooms. A smaller scale variation, titled the “Night Hunter Cottage,” will also be on display with shadow boxes and dismembered collages.

Event begins at 6 p.m.; 1410 Gratiot Ave., Detroit; 248-599-2232; Event is free.

Price: Free