Thanks, folks

Best MT Writer
Melissa Giannini

Wow. I’ve always known I was cute as a button, but who knew I had talent too? So by this you’re saying you really like my obtuse metaphorical descriptions and stuffy deconstruction of rock music? Well, thanks. Specifically, I’d like to thank my parents for bringing the Best of ballots to work just like they used to with my Girl Scout cookie order forms. I have to thank my Uncle John for all those CMJ subscriptions (and for only making fun of me for about a decade after I asked if he had heard of this “great new group,” the Steve Miller Band, as a naive preteen.) Thanks to the MT editors for supporting my “crazy ideas” and to my high school English teacher, Mrs. Dobblestein, for teaching me that “being verbs are bad.” And I couldn’t forget to thank a “certain local entertainment weekly” for having impeccable timing when they decided to “let me go” the same day MT advertised a music-writing position. Last, but not least, many thanks go out to all the super-sweet musicians in town for being so damn cool and innovative and giving me way more to write about than there ever will be column inches to fill. And, oh, yeah, everyone who voted for me, meet me upstairs at the Magic Stick tonight for those shots I promised. Cheers!

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